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Save Our Snow II

Save Our Snow


Reduce Your Heat.  Save Our Snow.  join

In Park City, snow is critical to our culture, economy and way of life.   And although climate change is a global problem, solutions are local.  At The Park City Foundation we believe that every citizen, making smart lifestyle decisions, can contribute to big change.

Our climate change mission is to sustain our local, snow based economy and culture by empowering citizens to reduce their water usage and carbon output through an educational town hall meeting about climate change and an innovative, information sharing community footprint website.


The City of Park City and The Park City Foundation have teamed up to create an impressive environmental resource on the web!  The Park City Green website was developed as part of the Save Our Snow initiative to support residents of Park City, and surrounding communities, in their efforts to reduce energy and water consumption. 

The site is an excellent resource for households and businesses and provides tools for creating personalized energy, water, and waste calculations along with guidance on relevant reduction strategies.  The website also contains excellent educational material for young students, parents, and teachers.  Signing up as a user on Park City Green is FREE and will allow you to:

Track and Reduce your Carbon, Water, and Waste Footprints
Set Personal Conservation Goals and Save Money 
Connect with Community Members and Local Non-profits 
Demonstrate your Commitment to Making Park City an Environmental Leader in Utah and Beyond

Check out the Park City Green website today and sign up as a user.  Creating your own account is simple (you just need an email address) and costs nothing.  Help reach the goal of 2,000 users on Park City Green and be part of our transition to a truly sustainable community!

Save Our Snow II

In response to the website project, local environmental organizations, community leaders and business professionals organized a second Save Our Snow event (the first was in 2007).  The goal of the event was to empower citizens to reduce their water use and carbon output, launch and promote ParkCityGreen.Org, and headline a green month of community activities.  Specifically, Park City Mountain Resort shared a scientific study of the potential impact of climate change on our mountains’ snowpack and economy.  Save Our Snow was an incredible success!  To read the full report, click here.

Project Background

In fall of 2008, The Park City Foundation (PCF) and Park City Municipal partnered and applied for a grant through the James L. and John S. Knight Foundation to build the Community Footprint Website.  The project is one of 21 winners nationwide in the Knight Community Information Challenge, a $24 million initiative to help community foundations find creative ways to use media and technology to keep communities informed.  The challenge grant must be matched, dollar for dollar, by community supporters; The Park City Foundation is actively seeking support to match Knight’s donation.